These furballs are 10 Dogs your must follow on Instagram today!


At 2.5 years old this handsome Golden Retriever is living the high life in Michigan, where SnackO’s are life. His goofy personality and cute smile is sure to make you laugh!


Meet Roman,-Saint Bernard, Drool Monster, and Trouble Maker. He loves going for car rides in the front seat, even though he’s way to big. He enjoys swimming in the lake, and is a big fan of treats. #treatlover


R O G E R is all ears! He is a 7 year old RSPCA rescue living with his older sister and furever family. He enjoys spending his Sundays drooling over BBQ in the park.


#SullyMonster is a beauty. 83 pounds with a 20 inch head, she loves being on the farm! She also enjoys traveling and watching tv. Native to the Michigan area, and super lovable.


Public Figure, and Taco Enthusiast from Kansas City, Lucky the Pitbull is an avid Chiefs fan. At 8 years old he boasts a whopping 42.4k followers!


Luna is 5 years young and she living her best life in Berkshire! She loves her stuffys and spending her free time hanging out with her Mum! With just over 2k followers she is the most beautiful shade of white.


This #Dogprenuer is from Michigan. His friends call him Bart, and he is always hungry. One of his favorite things to eat is Pizza, and he also enjoys tug of war, and morning snugs.


This rescue pup from is from LA and he advocates for the bully breed. With 100k followers this dude’s contagious smile is sure to brighten your day!


Dixie is just a cute farm dog from the Midwest. She enjoys just chillin around the farm, and creeping on her humans while they eat! Show her some love today!


At 3 years old, Tank is one handsome Saint Bernard from the Mitten state. He enjoys playing in the snow, and loves his big brother, and new baby brother. Oh…and sleeping is his favorite hobby! Follow him on Instagram now!

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