Is it no secret that today’s society deals with a ton of pressure. 11 ways dogs can improve your mental health is just one option to balance the stresses of everyday. If you are struggling with the day to day, and are looking for something to improve your mental health-check this out! Reason 7 is epic!

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Dogs will help you get more exercise

Since active is their middle name, having a dog is a perfect excuse to get your body moving. It is proven time and time again that physical activity improves your mood, and helps to cure fatigue.

They reduce loneliness

There is no doubt that a dog is a human’s best friend. That is why dogs are so good are given such a heavy title. These companions show unconditional love every step of the way, and are great at reminding you that you are not alone.

Lower your blood pressure

Having a dog gives you an interaction that is known to reduce a stress-related hormone, which in turn can lower your blood pressure. Spending even a small amount of time with these animals can improve your overall health.

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Dogs increase feelings of social support

Isn’t funny how dogs really are the best listeners? When you have a dog, they become so in tune to their human, they function at the highest level of social support. This in turn helps to improve your mental health by having an avenue to vent about everyday stresses going on in your life.

They reduce anxiety in humans

The hormone in humans that is produced when forming positive social bonds, actually the lack there of, is responsible for anxiety in many humans. It’s true, people with less of this “love” hormone tend to suffer from higher levels of anxiety. This is just one of the 11 ways dogs can improve your mental health-reason 7 is epic! The love these pets have to offer will come back ten-fold.

Dogs have a therapeutic effect

These animals have a way of improving your mental health through social recognition-this happens when another being is identified as being important or significant. This is very similar to the bond that a mother shares with their young.

Dogs can actually make you money

You may not believe it but, did you know that the dog industry is worth more than $100 billion! Dogs have a way of capturing hearts of many-you can tap into that wealth by starting a blog about your dog and actually start making money! I told you it would be epic!

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Dogs can spot signs of distress

Your furry companion sometimes knows more about what is going on with you, than you even may. Dogs have a keen sense if something is not correct or seems out of place. This is one way dogs can increase your mental health. Having a dog can ease your mind, especially if you are prone to underlying issues such as low blood sugar, or seizures.

They can help you make new friends

From one dog owner to another, we are all pretty much the same! Gaining new friends is another way dogs can improve your mental health. Try taking your dog to a dog park, you would be surprised the amount of people you encounter with similar interests to yours, and not just the love of dogs! This animals will bring are great conversation pieces by the way.

Dogs provide mental enrichment

Just like humans, dogs need companionship. Together human and dogs provide enrichment to each each other through mutual understanding and respect. Mental enrichment improves overall mental health and having a dog increases this!

Your dog provides responsibility

This is particular important in young people who have with issues with their mental health. Having a dog means you have something that depends on you. Giving someone a sense of responsibility improves their outlook on normal mundane activities. This trait is particularly helpful with our autistic friends.

Owning a pet not for you? Try this 7 Minute Mindfulness Exercise here!

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This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. This means I may earn money by promoting products within this blog post.

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