Pinterest is a fantastic search engine tool that every blogger should use. Here are 5 things to avoid on Pinterest-What I wish I knew before… You will also see what you need to do to get your Pinterest back once it has been flagged. As well as, how to affiliate market on Pinterest, and how to increase your monthly views to the thousands.

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5 Things To Avoid

This list contains items you should avoid if you are running a blog and using Pinterest as your primary search tool, traffic driver, and plan to affiliate market with Pinterest.

  • Not reading/understanding the Pinterest Community Guidelines
  • Enabling the Pinterest Plug-In for your WooCommerce Store without being an Approved Merchant through Pinterest.
  • Pinning an Affiliate Pin without using the hashtag #ad or #sponsored.
  • Allow Re-pinning on Amazon Affiliate pins
  • Once approved as a Merchant through Pinterest forget to include the hashtags #ad or #sponsored in the description of individual products within your store

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Affiliate Market on Pinterest

If you affiliate with companies such as Amazon or Clickbank, you will want to read through their affiliate program guidelines to ensure you are maintaining a good relationship with them. Once you decide it is time to create an affiliate pin you will want to be sure to include the following components.

  • Tell your audience what your pin is about
  • Attract them to the product you are promoting by highlighting its functionality
  • Advise your audience this pin contains affiliate links
  • Include the hashtag #ad or #sponsored
  • Include other hashtags so your pin is easy to locate based on key words.
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Increase Your Monthly Views

Increasing monthly views can be very simple if you; pin consistently, create pin worthy pins, use hashtags & keywords, and write intriguing descriptions. Above all else, be present and active on this platform and you will notice that your views will keep going up.

It is also important to maintain these monthly views once you have them. You can do this by the 5 things to avoid on Pinterest-What I wish I new before… If you happen to get your account deactivated click here!

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