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6 Dog Owner Tricks- To Keep Your Dog From Begging For Food

Are you constantly having to shew your dog away while you are trying to eat dinner?  Does your dog assume that every single item on your plate automatically belongs to them? Are you tired of your dog begging for some scraps at every meal?  Check out these 6 hacks to get back peace at supper time.

6 Dog Owner Tricks- To Keep Your Dog from Begging for Food

Many beloved dog owners deal with the begging and whining religiously at every meal. As soon as a bag of chips crinkles open for a mid-day snack, or when the popcorn starts to pop for the family movie night, their dog comes tail wagging, mouth- watering, and plant themselves right under their owners’ feet, just close enough the owner is bound to trip over them. As a pet owner, our initial reaction is to get frustrated and scold the pup, only for dog to show up under our feet the next time the fridge opens. Adding a little routine, and some discipline into your day to day can eliminate the begging for good. 

Of course, each dog has a mind of their own, and each owner is unique themselves. Getting your dog to stop begging for food takes time and patience in order to be successful. These tricks will help you to get your dog to stop begging and whining for food at every meal. Of course, consistency is important when training any animal. Check out these tricks and get started today!

1. Do not give your dog human food to begin with.

If you adopt a mature dog, this might not fit your scenario.  But if you bring home a new puppy do not allow them to consume human food. At all. If the dog is never exposed to the taste of table food, the temptation is not there, and when its dinner time in the household, your dog will take any notice. It only takes, one piece of pizza crust, or one potato chip for your pup to be hooked, so its always best to avoid this from the start.

2. Do not give into the begging.

I assure you; this hack is harder on the dog owner than it is on the dog.  Do not give into the begging. That is right, eat the entire cheeseburger right in front of them without giving your dog a single piece.  It might seem like this hack makes no difference, as your dog doesn’t flinch for a single bite, and as you dig into the last bite of your juicy burger they remain. This hack will not only train your dog than you are not giving them human food, it will also train the human to resist the temptation.

3. Make sure your dog has adequate nutrition.

Providing your dog good hearty meals is essential to eliminating food begging.  This concept is simple. If the dog is satisfied with the food they are eating, they have no ambition to beg for the human food you are eating. It is best to speak with your veterinarian to determine the best style of food for your dog, and what brands they recommend. Purina has been around since 1971 and is our families first choice. For dog food secrets click here!

4.Create a schedule and stick to it.

Routine, Routine, Routine. It is important to get your dog on a valid eating schedule.  Typically, it is best to feed your dogs the same time your family is eating, but if this is not feasible, the most important part is that your dogs feeding time is the same time every day. If you feed your dog 2 times a day, then they should eat at the same two times each day. This will train the dog that those designated times are for feeding. In turn, this will alleviate the begging during unscheduled feeding times.

5. Get support from the whole family.

If you want the family dog to quit begging at every meal, then consistency is key. The only to way to ensure retraining your dog’s behavior will stick is for each member of the family to jump on board. You will need to have a conversation with each member of your family, about your dogs new feeding schedule, and table side manners. Advise each member of the family that it takes every single one of them to stop the dog from begging for food.

6. Make your training consistent.

It takes 31 days for a human to form a new habit, and sometimes even longer to break an old one. Dogs are no different. Consistency is the most important factor when effectively training your dog to stop begging for table scraps.  You can expect that in order for the dog to change their behavior, consistent training will be needed. It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for the dog to succumb to a new behavior, and this will vary depending on the pup and their owner.

These tips will help you get your dog to stop begging for food every time dinner is ready. This task can be simple, but cannot be completed in one day. Training your dog to stop begging for food will require consistency, patience, and time. Once your dog sees that you are serious about the new dinner time rules, week after week, they will eventually stop begging.

In Conclusion…

Dogs will beg for food from their owners for a number of reasons. This could be because they are legit hungry, they know that their owner is a push over, or they simply believe that the entire pan of spaghetti belongs to them. Regardless of the reason, when a dog begs for your dinner, it can be down right annoying. Apply these 6 tricks, and get your meal time sanity back. Check out other amazing dog hacks here!

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