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A Name That Works

Choosing the right name for your blog, has many purposes in process of starting your own blog. The name you choose will give your site a unique identity, certify the brand you are building, and essentially will be your gateway to the successful marketing of that brand.

Even though, the name you choose for your blog will be important, do not stress if you have your heart set on something to name your blog, and it is unavailable. Check available domain names here.

Things To Consider When Naming Your Blog

Some domains are available for purchase. From a business perspective you will need to consider if this will fit your budget. Some domains sell for a pretty hefty price, and there are thousands available so it’s best to have a plan B or even C when choosing a name for your blog.

If the niche you picked is pet care, you would not want to name your blog for example. You will want to incorporate something from your niche in the name, to grab the attention of your readers. This is also important when naming your blog, because the reader should be able to know what your site is about prior to actually clicking on your site.

This is very important, because let’s be honest Branding is everything! You will want to chose a name that fits the Brand you have created. For example, our blog is called Loved by a Pitbull. Our domain, is owned by our business Love, Bart LLC. Our audience is owner’s of dogs, specifically the Pitbull breed, and we offer services tailored to their needs.

Register Your Domain

Once you have chosen the perfect name for your blog, it is time to register your domain name. Register the name of your blog here!

Pro Tip: It may be tempting to chose a domain name with .co, .home, or something of that nature. You can expect that .com is still the best choice for optimizing SEO.

Congrats! You are now the owner of a domain, and have successfully named that blog! Pat yourself on the back, and start thinking about what web host you will be using!

Choosing A Host For Your Website

There are many options on the market for web hosting. Several choices that virtually provide the same service. Your web host basically is the foundation at which your website sits on. Hosting is important, to ensure your website operates smoothly and remains user friendly. Some popular hosting platforms are Bluehost, and Siteground.

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