Happy National Pet Parents Day! The value pets bring to our day to day is immeasurable. National Pet Parents day-Recognized by veterinary pet insurance companies, is a way to recognize responsible pet owners. Being a responsible pet owner involves more than just love and affection. As #dogmoms and #dogdads it is also about supplying the right foods and nutrients for your pet, as well as the proper care.

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Love & Affection

Our furry friends enjoy morning cuddles, and the companionship of their parents. Happy National Pet Parents Day can be the perfect excuse to treat your dog to a pup cup, a special walk in the park, or maybe a trip to your local pet store. Either way take this opportunity and enjoy your day with your pup!

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Food & Nutrients

Expecting every dog to require the same food is to think that every human might wear the same size shoe. It is important as a pet parent to speak with your dog’s vet to ensure you are providing the proper food for their breed-as well as a brand of food that supplies the proper nutrition that is needed for a healthy diet.

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Proper Care

Choosing the proper care for your pet can be one of the most important choices you will be forced to make as a pet parent. When owning a pet, it is imperative that you have a good relationship with your Veterinary. Be sure to schedule regular visits for check-ups and keep up to date on your dog’s vaccinations.

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