We have all heard the saying howling by the light of the moon. This in turn can mean clear and effective communication established within one’s self first, and extended to another-but what does this mean for your pet? How the moon affects your dog, and what changes you may see in your pet will depend on the stages of the moon itself. You will find that the moon can affect your dog’s mood, behavior, sleep, and even their appetite!

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You may notice a change in your dog’s mood. Particularly during the full moon phase, the week leading up to, or the week following. Your pet could act out, seem agitated, and may be a little more active than usual.

In short, some of these mood changes may be so slight that they go unnoticed. While others have your dog bouncing off the walls, or acting unusual. Most unpleasant mood swings will only last during this full moon phase and is likely to pass.

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If you have noticed your dog acting out of sorts during or around the full moon-chances are it’s due to the amount of light produced by the full moon. Dogs are also known to howl at the moon during this phase, even if they are not prone to yapping, or barking.

For the most part, more light will cause your dog to be more active than usual. This can make your pet a little more prone to injury during this phase of the moon. This is another example on how the moon can affect your dog.

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At this time, when the orb of night is at its fullest point-you may notice that your dog is more restless. Some pets may have a harder time settling down at night during the moon. This can affect your dog messing up their sleep patterns for about a week or so.

If you find that your dog is having a hard time sleeping during the full crescent moon, try putting a blanket over their kennel at bedtime. Nevertheless, if your dog does not sleep in a kennel you can also try placing a blanket over your current shades, or curtains to keep the extra light from coming in.

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In some extreme cases the full moon can affect your dogs appetite. Some animals suffer from anxiety, especially during the full moon. This can create havoc on your pet especially if they require a strict diet.

It is always best not to force your dog to eat, if you have noticed their appetite has dwindled. If this is the case, first check the phases of the moon. If it is not during the full moon, the week leading up to, or the week following consult your veterinarian.

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