There’s is virtually is list of National Days for just about anything you can imagine.

National Margarita Day-February 22nd

National Napping Day-March 14th

National Burrito Day-April 7th

International No Diet Day-May 6th

Sisters Day-August 7th

National Tell a Joke Day-August 16th

National Love Your Pet Day- Feb 20th

National Hug Your Dog Day- March 10th

National Corn Dog Day-March 16th

National Puppy Day-March 23rd

National Pet Day-April 11th

National Guide Dog Day-April 27th

National Spoil Your Dog Day-August 10th

National Buffet Day-January 2nd

National Spaghetti Day-January 4th

National Tator Tot Day-February 2nd

National Pizza Day-February 9th

National Pancake Day-February 25th

National Beer Day-April 7th

National KFC Day- July 6th

National Chicken Wing Day-July 29th

National Nothing Day-January 16th

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day- January 31st

National No Pants Day-First Friday in May

National Dance Like A Chicken Day-May 14th

National You Honk We Drink Day-August 16th

National Stay Home Because You Are Well Day- November 30th

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