Easy Steps For Training Your Puppy To Crate

Are you struggling with getting your dog to crate? Maybe you didn’t even think about kenneling until you came home, and found every single pair of high dollar shoes you own, torn into pieces. None the less, kenneling your dog can be both beneficial to human and pet alike. If you’re ready to begin the simple kennel training, then jump right in.

1. Pick out the perfect crate

Yes, size does matter. When you are choosing the perfect crate for your four legged friend, you are going to want to choose a kennel for them, that will be conformable now, as well as a few years down the road. You will want to consider how big your dog is going to be once they become full grown. This is a perfect example of when bigger is better. Especially, if your dog is a larger breed like Pitbull, German Shepard, or Great Dane. We opted to go with the 24 inch double folding door metal dog crate, because we wanted something durable that would last a long time and would allow our puppy to grow freely.

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2. Make the kennel a home

This crate should feel very inviting to your new puppy. It should be in a nice area within your home, that feels cozy and makes your dog feel safe. You can opt to set it up in an area like your bedroom, or somewhere a little more in the open, either way make sure you choose a spot that your dog will love. Consider investing into a dog bed or puppy pad for your dogs kennel. This will help keep your puppy cozy at night, and also make the crate feel like home. We picked the Maxx Dog Bed for Metal Crates, because of the durable material, that is water resistant and easy to clean, and offered in extra large. It is also a good idea, but not mandatory to get your dog their very own pillow and blanket. If you live in an area that has colder weather, the added gesture will give your dog the cozy feel needed to be crated like a pro.

This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. This means I may earn money by promoting products within this post.

Pro Tip: To keep your puppy from crying at night when it is time to kennel; Take the shirt off your back and let your puppy sleep with it in their crate. Your dog will feel comfortable with your smell right next to them, and sleep like a baby.


3. Start a routine right away

Routine, Routine, Routine. This is by far the most important part in the simple kennel training. It’s simple. If you want your dog to kennel at night, then kennel them at night. But kennel them, at the same time every night, and yes I mean every night. Even on those nights, your little fur ball is super snuggly and you just want to let them lay in bed with you. Or, the times when you are so tired, you yourself can’t be pealed off the couch. Make yourself get up and put that dog to bed in the kennel when its time to go to bed.

The second part of this routine step, and also very important is to use call words, and the same call words for this kennel routine. Nightly, three times a day, just while you are at work, whatever it may be. Once the pattern is set stick to it, and use your chosen call words to let your dog know it’s time to kennel up. A great example of this is bedtime at our house. Bedtime at our house for any fur baby has always been 10:00pm. At this time, give or take, every single night, the call words “time to go na night” are said, and the dog knows to go directly into his bed and settle down for the night. In fact, this has become such a routine around our house, if it is too far passed ten o’clock the dog will start whining, almost as if he is reminding us its “time to go na night!”

Things to remember when kennel training.

  • You should be sure to routinely let your dog out to go bathroom almost instantly from allowing them out of the crate. This will help associate the use of going to the bathroom with leaving the kennel, and your dog will be less likely to create a mess in their crate.
  • Do not leave your dog in a crate all day long. This is cruel to any animal and does not benefit the growth and development of these beautiful animals.
  • Your dogs crate should not be used to punish them. This should be a safe place for your pet, one that they love, and are eager to spend time in.
  • Do allow your animal to bring toys, and stuffed babies into their crated space at their leisure.
  • Do not hit the kennel, or slam the kennel doors while your dog is inside, this will scare them, and could make them unwilling to crate properly.
  • Be sure to clean out your dogs kennel regularly, just as you would your own bed.
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Need more detailed kennel training?

Try the American Kennel Club’s Train Your Puppy Right guide today,

This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. This means I may earn money by promoting products within this post.

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