It’s the perfect time to Soak Into Summer-But Keep Your Dog Cool. The hottest days of the year are still ahead for many of us. With that being said, consider this your friendly reminder to take extra care of your pet this season.

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Kiddie Pools

Typically inexpensive, does not take up much space, easy to haul or move around, and the easiest way to Soak Into Summer-But Keep Your Dog Cool.

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Cooling Mat

Machine washable, and non toxic for animals. This is a sure bet to keep your dog happy as they jump into the warmest part of the year.

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Shaded Area

You can soak into Summer-but keep your Dog cool too. What you cannot do is expect that your pet will seek shelter from the heat if there is none. Be sure to provide a shaded area on those really hot days, even for the quick trips outside.

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Car Rides

A little wind can go a long way. This is especially true for our pets. Taking your pet on a car ride is a great way to cool them down, as well as keep them happy. A little ice cream never hurt either.

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Air Conditioning

Now I understand A/C is not accessible to everyone. For those of you who own pets be sure to at least provide a fan on the days your dog just wants to jump into Summer but the temps are soaring.

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