The Spring Bucket List-An easy guide to dog friendly activities is the best way to get you and your pet out of the house this season for some much needed fresh air. Spring is the perfect time to get out dogs outside and get them moving. You will find that the more things your cross off your Spring bucket list, the better both you and your pet will feel.

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River Running

River running a great way to enjoy a warm spring day. Your dog will enjoy splashing around the water, as you enjoy a bit of nature as well. In return for a dog saturated in glee, your pet will get the proper amount of physical activity needed with this trip.

Dog Playdate

Since dogs needs at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily, setting up a dog play date is the perfect way to get your pet moving this spring. Spending time outside with others who share similar interests is good for the body in both humans and pets.

Game of Fetch

This original on the Spring Bucket List-An Easy Guide to Dog Friendly Activities, is in expensive and so beneficial to dogs. Furthermore, simply throwing an object back and forth with your furry best friend is a great way to be active this season.

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Day at the Beach

Cruising along the boardwalk, at your local beach can be therapeutic for both dog and human. It might be a great opportunity to snag some ice cream. Enjoy some peace as you sit and gaze over the water and view the passersby.

Climb the Stairs

This is the perfect way to exercise your dog this spring season. It is easy to find an arena, stadium, or field open to the public. Climbing the stairs should be on your Spring Bucket List-An Easy Guide to Dog Friendly Activities.

Go For A Hike

A great item for your Spring Bucket List-An easy guide to dog friendly activities is going for a hike. Your pooch will adore the time spent in nature. This is a great way to enjoy the Spring weather, get out to see Mother Nature, and get active.

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Turkey Hunting

Although this activity may not be great for all. For those dogs who love spending the day out in the woods with their human calling them in, Spring is the time for turkey hunting. Be sure to pick up your dog’s waterproof hunting vest here!

Tulip Time

Tulip Time is the absolute best time for your pet’s photo shoot. The vibrant colors will pop in the background while your dog shines in the aroma on Spring’s beauty. Be sure to check your local Tulip Time festival for specific pet policies.


Per the DNR- Dogs are welcome on a 6 ft leash at all state parks, and state campgrounds. Enjoy a relaxing weekend roasting hot dogs over the campfire with your fur babies. On the Spring Bucket List-An Easy Guide to Dog Friendly Activities, camping is one of the best ways for your dog to enjoy their spring! Don’t forget to order your pet cot here!

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Find Mushrooms

Spring has the perfect ingredients for Morel mushrooms to grow in some environments. Furthermore, this is a great excuse to get your dog out in the woods for run and play, while looking for these tasty fungi. Be sure to protect your pet with the best flea and tick medicine here!

Dog Friendly Restaurant

With the warmer weather upon us, in due time restaurant outdoor patios will begin to open back up. Without a doubt there are many restaurants with pet friendly patios since the pandemic. Take your dog out to enjoy one of these wonderful dining options.

Create a Bucket List

Any dog owner should know that activities involving your pet, also requires planning involving your pet. Although, many options on the Spring Bucket List-An Easy Guide to Dog Friendly Activities are on the fly kind of activities, it is always best to plan. Be sure to check specific pet policies prior to packing up on the road. Get your pet travel accessories here!

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