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You will find that there are several content management systems available for blogging. I simply chose WordPress because of it’s user friendly nature, and the fact that it is 100% free! You can start your free blogging on WordPress today. However, other website builders like GoDaddy and SquareSpace offer the same functions as WordPress. These systems store the content within your site, and help you to manage how your site functions.

Building Your WordPress Website

Free blogging on WordPress is easy. Select a plan, and get ready to dive right in! Since you already have your niche, domain name, and hosting provider, now it’s time for the fun part! You will need to install WordPress.

Next, you will want to choose the theme or layout for your website. Starting your own blog, is a lot like designing the interior of your home-sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing. There are virtually 1000’s of blog themes to choose from. Don’t get overwhelmed by the options-choose one that works for your needs and go with it.

Next Steps In Starting a WordPress Blog

Some major fails for beginning bloggers, is going overboard with plugins on their blog. Plugins are designed to do some of the dirty work for us, but plugging too many things into an outlet can overwhelm the electrical source. The same concept applies to your blog. Try to choose essential plugins like this SEO Optimizer and Email Generator.

  • Optimize your website to increase speed.

As you add content, and plugins to your website, this is an essential step to allow for maximum user friendliness. Skipping this step can allow your website to get bogged down, and function slowly. This can be a key resource in diverting traffic from your site. Don’t skip this step! Learn how to increase traffic to your site here!

  • Create Pages.
  • Start Posting Content.

Starting a blog free on WordPress is simple. It is free, user friendly, and has many options to tailor your site specifically to your needs. Don’t hesitate start blogging today!

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