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What is the best breed for your zodiac sign?

Did you know that the relationship with your dog has a lot to do with your horoscope sign? It’s true, the best companions stem from the compatibility of your personalities, and your astrology sign says a lot about the right dog for you. What is the best dog for your astrology sign? Check it out here.

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

This fire sign is very generous and is constantly striving to make the world a better place. They bring light, and utility to ever encounter. Because of this trait, Aries tend to fair better with a Beagle since they are friendly, sociable, and affectionate. Beagles need regular interactions with other dogs, and humans as they are very social animals. This makes them a perfect match for any Aries.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

As an earth sign, this sign is strong and stable. They are ambitious, and very strong minded. Although, they are known for being stubborn, Taurus’ are one of the most loyal signs, and only a Saint Bernard can match this characteristic making them a perfect pair. These dogs are right for your astrology sign because they patient, and gentle, but also require frequent walks which is perfect for their Taurus owner, who literally tracks everything.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

The sign of the twin, this zodiac is youthful, active, and social. They live to entertain and love fiercely. Geminis tend to avoid conflict but can be super indecisive. The best dog for this sign is a Miniature Pinscher. These high spirited animals have a protective temperament, and they are bold an eccentric, which is just what the loyal dual sign Gemini needs.

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 22)

The “mother” sign is helpful, nurturing, and creative. They thrive off taking care of others, and enjoy spending time at home. Even though, they can be a bit pessimistic, they are very compassionate about the things they care about. A Puggle is the best fit for this zodiac sign. Their gentle, and affectionate nature, as well as their small size makes them easy to nurture. They are smart animals, but require a lot of grooming which is perfect for this cardinal water sign.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

The sign of the Lion, this proud zodiac is exuberant and enthusiastic. They can be wild at times, but are loyal to the end. Leo’s like to be the life of the party and their dog should light up the room as well. This sign pairs best with the Husky. These intelligent animals have a heightened physique with an outgoing personality. The are generous and warm-hearted just like the Leo.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

This dedicated sign is helpful, hard working, and resourceful. They love anything that is systemized and cannot stand when things are out of order. The Virgo can at time be a little obsessive compulsive which makes the Pittie a perfect pet for this sign. These dogs are great pets, and companions, but cannot be trusted as a guard dog, because they are known to love everyone. This helps with low self esteem, a trait experienced by many Virgos and makes the two a perfect pair.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

Often called the social butterfly of the zodiac, these signs are outgoing and very open with their thoughts and emotions. The can easily relate to any and all other signs in the zodiac, but can also be attention seekers. The best dog for this astrology sign is a Golden Retriever. This dog is very human friendly, and passionate like the Libra. They provide the a well balanced lifestyle for the air sign and make perfect pets for this zodiac sign.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

This water sign has a heightened intuition and fluid nature. Scorpios are passionate yet emotional, and are known for their work ethic. The best dog for this astrology sign is the Rottweiler. This dog is large and stocky, and has an intimidating looking appearance. They are great protectors which pair well with the Scorpio which possesses the same characteristic trait.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

This fire sign is known as the wanderer, and typically is the least compatible with pets. This free spirited zodiac does not like to be tied down. They are honest and straightforward, and super adventurous. These traits of a Sagittarius make the Bloodhound the best dog for this astrology sign. The bloodhounds constant need to track the smells will pair best with the wandering sign.

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)

The sign of the goat, Capricorns are known for being cautious and resourceful. They are highly intelligent, ambitious, and loyal. This earth sign above all else appreciates stability, and can definitely be stubborn and moody. The best dog for this astrology sign is a Pitbull Terrier. The Pitbull is one of the most loving, gentle, loyal companions, which is perfect for the Capricorn because they are one of the most loving, gentle, and loyal signs.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

This independent sign is usually very happy in their own skin. The are creative, original, and are the happiest when they are able to express themselves freely. This sign can seem very stand offish at times, and unfiltered, making the Poodle best suited for this astrology sign. These animals are active and protect their families. They are people watchers just like Aquarians, making them a perfect match.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

The most empathetic of all signs this water sign needs a dog that will fulfil their curiosity, and dreamy, imaginative nature. Pisces need regular reassurance to give them confidence, so the Shih Tzu’s largely fun, and playful personality will pair best for this sign. They are highly intelligent, and adore attention just like a Pisces.

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