The first paragraph should include the title within this paragraph. Title-Something catchy & easy to remember. Tell your audience what this blog post is going to be about. List about 3 to 5 things that your post is going to be about. For example in this blog post we will discuss the perfect outline for an SEO friendly blog post, how to outline your blog post using pins created on, and how to make your brand relatable to the solution your are providing.

Heading: H6: Italicized: Shortened affiliate disclosure with internal link to full affiliate disclosure page. Example: This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon and others. This means I may earn money based on products I promote within this blog post. For a full list of our partners, click here.

Heading 1 (First Main Point)

Paragraph-What is your topic going to be about; details highlighting the “problem” around the topic & how it relates to your audience. You must be clear on what you are doing for the person reading your post.

2nd Section-Something extra: Since you have already listed the problem above, now you can provide a solution to the problem. Some examples include: a recipe, a list of Items, a link to internal or anyway to solve the problem. Furthermore, you can create pins for free on List a relatable topic at the top, the solution you are providing as the main focus, and lastly, how your brand name is tied to that solution. Other passive income ideas here.

Heading: H5: Bold: Affiliate marking link here. Provide a link here to solve an off topic problem, or further details on the problem established in the blog post above. Example of non related: Blogging not your style? Looking for an outdoor hobby? For Ted’s Wood Working Projects click HERE!

The Perfect Post Outline

Duplicating the format from the first section, the information in the second section of the perfect post outline should be direct in what the topic is, and how it directly relates to the audience. In this case your media used should include your audience “bloggers” the topic, or problem your audience is having, “A Perfect Post Outline”, and lastly, your brand “Loved by a Pitbull” listed to coordinate the solution to the problem with your brand.

Listed here, is a solution to the particular problem for topic within this section of the blog post. Furthermore, the problem we are indicating in this particular example is not knowing how to outline a blog post. For some other examples & alterations click on the links below:

This heading can be used for something related to your topic or non related. This is an example of related: Need help with your blog? Get your WordPress Wiz eBook Guide HERE!

Blog Posts Outlined

Writing blog posts outlined for SEO success is an art. I have found that simple outlining, and proper grammar goes a long way with SEO. As a result, using blog posts that are outlined properly, will allow your audience to freely move through your blog posts.

By providing your audience with a solution to their problem, as outlined in this section, you increase the likely hood that the reader will continue reading. The overall readability with your blog post will be in good shape. In other words, the content within your blog post will have plenty of key words to get the green light on search engine optimization. Thus, your blog will be easy to ready, as well as easy to find.

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