The reasons your dog really eats the grass may surprise you. Some people have this misconception that eating grass can be harmful to your dog. The truth is that in moderation, the reasons your dog really eats the grass is actually beneficial to their health. Some reasons for this behavior in your dog include, unmet nutrition, upset stomach, or boredom. Lastly, your dog may just actually like the taste of grass!

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Unmet Nutrition

Did you know that eating grass can actually be a natural born instinct to a dog? That is correct, if a dog is lacking nutrition in their diet, they may naturally gravitate toward the greens. Grass is a great source of fiber, furthermore, helping to improve digestion, as well as aid bowel movements in pets. This is the one of the reasons your dog really eats grass.

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Upset Stomach

Sometimes our pets can suffer from upset stomachs, causing them to eat grass. Most veterinarians will agree that your dog eating grass in moderation will not harm them. In addition, components in grass are known to aid your pet with issues including gastric reflux, too much stomach acid, and in some cases intestinal worms. As a result, dogs may be munching on the grass simply to make themselves vomit, in hopes of feeling better too.

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Reasons why your dog really eats the grass, in many cases is actually just because your pet is bored. As a result, Stress, Anxiety, and feelings of being upset in dogs, is also known to trigger the act of eating the grass. As long as the grazing does not get out of control, you may consider this normal behavior. Apart from this, the dog may really just enjoy eating the grass, like a human eating a piece of celery.

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