It’s that time of year again! The robins are out, the flowers are in bloom, and we all know what’s coming next! Don’t worry, this is the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist-When you have a dog! Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, let’s go!

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Supplies List

You will want to come fully prepared with all the essentials. Remember everyone’s household is different, so your list may differ from others. Just make sure you are prepared for the full shebang. We have compiled a list of supplies you may need.

Rubber Gloves
Broom & Dustpan
Mop & Mop Bucket
Cleaning Clothes
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Get Organized

Having pets is great and all, but let’s be honest during the Spring time, owning a pet can really stink sometimes. It is best to plan some time, when your animals can either be outdoors-or visiting grandpa for the day! You should plan on some other things as well, here is a list of things you can use to get organized.

Rubber Totes
Storage Bins
Closet Organizers
File Box
Food Storage Containers
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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Since we now have all our essentials-supplies from our supplies list, sitters for the kids & dogs, and things to get and keep us organized, it is time to start The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist-When You Have A Dog!

My grandma always said if you want to get your house the cleanest you need to start from the top and clean down. Remember everyone’s house is different, so do what works best for you and your house.

Ceiling Fans

These guys are out of sight, and often get over looked. There is a ton of dust and dirt that collects up there, so be sure to put this on the top of your list.

Windows & Sills

You would be surprised the amount of natural sunlight you are actually missing out on because your windows and sills need a thorough cleaning. Make sure use your Thieves for the cleanest clean.


It is amazing the amount of space you can come up with if you organize your cupboards. Try to get some liners after you have everything pulled out to keep the dust at bay.


Do yourself a favor and get yourself some refrigerator storage bins. This will make cleaning out the fridge so much easier, and you find that you are able to do it more often than just during your usual Spring cleaning sesh!

Linen Closet

This area tends to go unnoticed and always ends up looking like a war zone before too long. I have found that using bins in my linen closet helps keep the tidy flowing even into the next season!

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Shower & Toilet

No one, and I mean no one likes to do this task, but The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist-When You Have A Dog does include this for a deep cleaning, and you should be sure to make it a priority even though I am certain this is on your weekly to do!

Bedroom Closet

This is a perfect opportunity to utilize the 6 month rule. If you have not worn the item in the last 6 months, aside from seasonal items, you should consider donating or getting rid of those! When cleaning out your closet remember that less is always more!

Under the Bed

This is an easy catchall for things we don’t want to put away throughout the winter. Make sure you don’t forget to tackle this. It is always best to pull your bed right out, gather the lost items, and giver her a good vacuum! You will sleep so much better at night with under your bed cleaned out.

Smoke Detectors

Since you are already going to be up there dusting your fans and ceiling area. This is a great opportunity to get yourself some new smoke detectors, or at least change the batteries in the ones you have. Do not skip this step in The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist-When You Have A Dog!

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