Unique Breakfast…Yes Please!

Are you ready to start your day, but tired of the usual mundane breakfast? Is your mind telling you, the best bet is the juicy Bloody Mary that you can’t have because you have to work in an hour? Don’t worry Loved by a Pitbull has some amazing ideas for unique breakfast foods that will leave you feeling satisfied, and happily stuffed.

Stuffed Biscuits & Gravy

Switch up your breakfast routine with these easy to make stuffed biscuits and gravy. This mouth-watering morning treat takes all the components of the regular B&G breakfast all stuffed into one bundle of joy! For this recipe you will need biscuits (any kind will do), sausage breakfast gravy (homemade is best), breakfast sausage (scrambled), eggs (scrambled), and cheese (shredded). For our recipe we do not add a ton of sausage into the gravy, as we use most of it to stuff.

First, you have scrambled your eggs and sausage and set aside. Next you will need to start pressing your biscuits out flat so they are ready to stuff. Place a fair amount of sausage, egg, and cheese in the center of the flatten uncooked biscuit. Once the fixings are added simply fold the biscuit over the contents, forming a pouch. Be sure to press the edges together firmly. Bake in oven for the time shown on the biscuit package. Prepare your gravy while the biscuits are baking. Once your stuffed biscuits are golden brown, you may pull them out of the oven, and top with gravy. Enjoy!

Cajun Candied Bacon

Do I smell Bacon? I sure do! This Cajun candied bacon is sure to set your lips on fire, and start your day with a bang. Simply choose the thickest bacon choice available, open package and place in a zip lock bag. You will then add 1 cup of sugar, a tbsp. of cinnamon, and a tbsp. of cumin seasoning. Seal the bag and begin shaking the bag, to be sure the seasonings are covering each piece of thick bacon evenly. One the bacon is covered, remove from zip block back and place flat on a cookie baking sheet. Place in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

Stuffed French Toast

Looking to add a little pleasure to your French toast this morning? Loved by a Pitbull has a perfect recipe for you. This unique breakfast meal is easy and delicious! Simply start by making French toast as you always do. Once the savory pieces are complete, simply stuff cream cheese, and a fruit of your choice (Raspberry is our favorite) in between two slices, and place back on the griddle for about 15 seconds. Top with a fruit and powdered sugar, and pair with some homemade maple syrup. Enjoy!

Jalapeno Style Bacon

Ready to spice it up a bit? This jalapeno style bacon will wake you right up in the morning. Not only is this unique style of breakfast food a great way to start your day, it also pairs well with any sweet breakfast dish. To make the perfect Jalapeno style bacon you will need to place some thick cut bacon into a zip lock bag. From there you will add a half jar of jalapeno juice, sea salt, and a little bit of pepper. Once the bacon is seasoned evenly, you will need to remove the bacon from the zip lock and place it flat on a cookie baking sheet. Place in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.

Stuffed Waffles

For this recipe, you will need waffles (homemade work best), breakfast sausage patties, and scrambled eggs, and syrup. Begin by making waffles like normal. When the waffle is still hot, fold it in half creating a pocket. You will then place the cooked sausage patty, and scrambled eggs inside. After you have added the contents into your waffle pouch, place the waffle back on the hot waffle maker for 5 seconds to seal its fate. Top with syrup and begin eating this unique delicious breakfast food!

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  1. Stuffed waffles are so yummy and you can never go wrong with French toast! That is a favorite in our house!! 🧇🍞🍳☕🍽

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