With wine pairing recipes learn how to pair your meal with sangria. Pairing your food with wine is the perfect way to enhance your experience, and make your food taste better. It’s true that pairing the correct wine with your dinner can make your food taste its full effect. Let’s check out some favorite sangria recipes to go with your favorite dish!

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General Wine Pairing

Believe it or not, there is actually a science to pairing wine with food. Wine is typically red or white, with some in between known as a blush. The name of the wine tells you two things; what type of grape was the wine made from, and what area or location did that grape come from. For example the Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red grape. It comes from the region Bordeaux.

The rule of thumb when pairing wine with food is simple-If you are eating a red meat like beef, or a pasta with red sauce like spaghetti, you should consider pairing with a red wine. If you are eating a white or light meat like chicken or fish, or eating pasta with a white sauce like alfredo, you should pair with a white wine.

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Red Sangria

  • Dry Red House Wine (bottle)
  • Orange Juice (8 oz)
  • Red Sangria Syrup (3 oz)
  • Korbel Brandy (4 oz)
  • Cinnamon (1/2 tsp)

Sangria is typically a combination of wine, liquor, and juice. It is usually served over ice and garnished with fruit. We recommend this sweeter beverage for a lunch out with friends, or paired with your evening meal. And, this fruity drink is offered on many restaurant drink menus so it is great to order when dining out. It is also the perfect beverage to serve for any occasion you may be hosting.

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Strawberry Peach Sangria


Since sangria has a base of wine with liquor and juice added, it does come in many delicious flavors. However, be advised that some recipes are so good, they actually taste like there is a limited amount of alcohol. To be clear these recipes do pack a punch, and are likely to creep up on you if you drink too much. Please drink responsibly.

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Blackberry Sangria

  • House Red Wine (bottle)
  • Tuaca Liqueur (6 oz)
  • Orange Juice (4 oz)
  • Cranberry Juice (4 oz)
  • Blackberry Sangria Syrup (3 oz)
  • Sprite (Splash)

Pour any of these recipes over ice, garnish with fruit of your choice, serve, and enjoy! Store in upright containers in the refrigerator. Shelf life is typically 4 days, but you will be lucky if it lasts that long. To check out our other unique recipes click here!

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