Are you looking for something to keep your employees engaged? Is the morale in your office stooping to record level lows, and you are scratching your head wondering what you should do about it? The answer is simple. Hire yourself an office dog. I bet he or she will be the best darn employee you ever had, and I bet that all your existing employees will love the newest member of the team. You should hire an office dog-and here’s why.

Dogs Are Therapeutic

These animals will efficiently help to elevate the mood of their coworkers. It is proven they also help people who deal with anxiety disorders. Having a dog in the office can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in people, which will create a happier environment.

They also come in all different shapes, and sizes so you can be sure to hire one that is going to be the best fit for your team! Bristol and Remington, for example, have been employed at Sparky’s Electric LLC for 1 year.

Dogs Have a Magnetic Effect

It’s true. Some people are just naturally drawn to dogs, This makes a dog a perfect employee especially if they are in a sales position. If you are looking for a new team member that is charismatic, and will attract an audience, then hiring an office dog will be a great business decision.

Dogs who work for you will attract people to your product, without them even knowing. Meet Dexter who is currently on the payroll at RecLending. He enjoys working the boat shows! You can imagine how many dog lover’s he attracts while hard at work.

Dogs Encourage Workplace Bonding

Having a dog as an employee will encourage your staff to bond on another level outside of the work environment. This in turn will create stronger relationships, and levels of trust within your workforce. This will lead to higher productivity as well as an increase in teamwork.

Jax and Frank who also currently work for RecLending are a perfect examples of the bonding you can get with office dogs. They are quite a team!

The choice to hire an office dog should be simple. These animals offer so many benefits to your employees, and will lead to higher levels of engagement within your staff in no time. Higher levels of engagement with your employees, means higher levels of engagement with your customers. Hire your office dog today!

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